Meridian Flow Yoga

I teach Meridian Flow Yoga for people who want to learn about their own energy systems and how to balance energy flow in their body themselves.

Classes or individual sessions are adapted to the current season, the time of the day and to the individual needs to enhance balance within each person.

Do you want info about classes and private lessons?

Group classes

Small, weekly classes to practice the way of energy cultivation and yoga. Suitable for everybody.
Essential Oils and music are used in class to enhance well-being and energy flow.

One-to-one classes

75 mins of personalised Meridian Flow practice, and integrative lifestyle advice tailored to your needs and condition.

Meridian Flow Classes in Vevey

Pricing & Schedule

To find out more about pricing and class times, email me at


Yoga with Angela provides a moment in the day to focus on the pleasures of daily wellbeing. Her approach to the practice of yoga nurtures a harmonious, non-competitive environment where anyone from beginner to the more experienced immediately feels welcome. Angela follows the principles of meridian yoga, based on the ancient energy systems or body meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine. Through various techniques including flow, balance postures and pranayama breathing, Angela teaches her students to strengthen both body and mind.

Le méridian yoga m’aide à gérer mon stress. Angela nous donne de formidables outils très simples à mettre en pratique pour évacuer nos petits ou gros tracas quotidiens.

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